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The Skyview Drive-In (R.I.P.)

The Skyview Drive-In Santa Cruz

The Skyview Drive-In (Santa Cruz) Photo Courtesy Of: Andrew Wood

Well, it has been official for a while now. The Skyview Drive-In is CLOSED! I must say that I am not thrilled about that! It has been a staple of life in Santa Cruz since before I can remember. My mom took my brothers and I there when we were little boys, I went there as a teenager with friends and girlfriends and have taken my own kids there. Now it is just gone. Didn’t they know that I would have went there as an old man too!??

I added this page to the Movies Of Santa Cruz site because the drive-in was such a big deal for so long here and I thought a page in it’s memory was in order!

I am sure you have a story about The Skyview Drive-In. Please share that story here in the comments area of this page.

Thanks and I guess I won’t see you at the drive-in! 😉